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In this area of our website you will be able to follow the progress of the garlic crop and keep up-to-date with other garlic related topics as they happen at The Garlic Garden.

Monday April 26, 2021

The Garlic Garden Goes On YouTube!!!

photo of YouTube thumbnail

Many of our customers are curious to know about how we grow garlic. It's natural. They want to know how there food is grown.

For several years it has been suggested to us that we have a YouTube channel, where we could explain in great detail about the methods and equipment that we use on our farm to grow garlic.

Well, we finally took the plunge. As of today we already have a few videos on YouTube. We are planning on putting a new video up every week.

To check out our channel, just search for "The Garlic Garden" on YouTube. Don't forget to leave a comment, subscribe, and give us a like.

Sunday March, 21 2021

Early Spring Update

photo of snow fence protecting garlic

Just a bit of an update from The Garlic Garden. The snow is mostly gone and it feels a lot like spring.

The only snow remaining is what is found in the shelterbelt as well as what is remaining in the field that had snow fence installed.

Snow fence has its pro's and con's like all other methods used to prevent winter kill. The main pro is that it does a great job of trapping snow.

The con's are that it will only work if it snows and it is quite labour intensive to put up and take down.

Due to the high labour requirement, snow fence is only used on small areas.

Thursday October 22, 2020

The Bins Are Empty!

photo of straw on garlic

Another season has come to an end. The markets are finished, seeding is finished, straw has been applied to the new garlic field, and the last garlic deliveries will be made in the next couple of days.

Once again we would like to say Thank You to all our customers for your continued support and we look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.

Monday August 10, 2020

It's a wrap!

photo of cleaned garlic heads

Harvest 2020 saw wind, dry conditions and beautiful garlic.

We will be at the Regina Farmers Market every Wednesday from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm at the Downtown Plaza until Thanksgiving.

On Fridays, we can be found in Saskatoon at the Community Farmer's Market on 8th Street (Winner's parking lot) from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm. And we will be at the Saturday Street Stall at River Landing from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm.

Can't wait to see everyone again this market season.

Tuesday July 7, 2020

Scape Season In Full Swing

photo of rows of straw

Where has the time gone? It's been a while since our last post. We have been very busy lately snapping scapes. The season for scapes is quite short. The plan is to attend three markets with this fresh delicacy.

Anna will be at the Saskatoon Community Farmers Market on Friday July 10 at the 8th Street location from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm with fresh scapes.

We are also excited to have been accepted into the Street Stall Saturday Craft Market which runs from 9:00 am till 2:00 pm at Avenue B and 19th Street. We will be attending this market on July 11.

We can't forget about Regina. Anna will be attending the Regina Farmers Market at the Downtown Plaza from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm on July 15, 2020.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of these markets.

Tuesday May 5, 2020

First Update of 2020

photo of rows of straw

It is that time of the year when we watch in anticipation for the garlic to emerge. Mother Nature is making us wait a little longer than usual again this year.

This is the second year that we have covered the garlic with straw for added winter protection. It seems as though the winters of late are coming earlier and are more severe and the concern I have is that the extreme cold will arrive before an adequate amount of snow arrives to protect the crop.

The straw must be removed from the garlic in the spring to allow the soil to warm. I didn't have a proper way to remove the straw last year so I ended up burning it. With proper machinery to handle this task now, there is no longer a need to burn it. The straw should work great during the summer to prevent weeds from growing between the rows. Eventually it will decompose and add to the organic matter in the soil. The photo shows strips of bare dirt which is where the garlic is planted. The straw has been removed from the rows.

October 16, 2016

Retail Outlets

photo of a family of geese

We understand it may not always be possible to attend markets or trade shows. For those that would rather purchase from a local retailer please check out the "Retailers" page on this website for a list of businesses that you may find more convenient.

It may be a good idea to check the "Retailers" page from time to time as it will be updated to include new retailers in the future.

December 16, 2015

Sprouted Garlic

photo of sprouted garlic

It has been a few months now since the last garlic harvest and it is possible that green shoots are beginning to grow on some bulbs. You may be wondering if sprouted garlic is safe or if it should be discarded.

It is well known that when seedlings begin to grow into green plants, they make many new compounds including some that protect the young plants from pathogens. This same process actually improves the plants nutrient composition. Studies have even concluded that certain sprouted plants have increased antioxidant activity.

A study funded by Korea's Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology which was recently published in the ACS' Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry set out to see if this applied to garlic.

The researchers found that garlic sprouted for five days had higher antioxidant activity than unsprouted garlic.

So yes, it is ok to eat sprouted garlic as long as the cloves haven't shrivelled and softened. In fact, it is actually better for you than unsprouted garlic. Some people find the flavour to be more bitter when it's cooked after having sprouted. If this is undesirable, the sprouts can easily be removed from the cloves prior to use.

Sunday December 7, 2014

Early Winter Update

photo of thermometer in snow

Snow cover has been our main method for protecting the garlic from our long cold winters. On occasion mother nature doesn't cooperate and the extreme cold arrives before the snow.

In an attempt to better understand the effects of snow cover on the garlic cloves, I have buried a thermometer sensor within a row of garlic at the same depth as the garlic (about 3.5 inches). Each day I take the thermometer display out to the field to get a temperature reading.

It is very obvious that even a few inches of snow will provide a great deal of protection. The lowest temperature observed below the surface so far was -3.6 C. That was on November 20 when the air temperature was -17.5 C and no snow was present. The coldest temperature observed since it snowed was -2.3 C. At that time there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground and the air temperature was -27.3 C. As the snow deepens the insulation value continues to increase. With 6 inches of snow the temperature below the soil surface has never fallen below -2 C while air temperature lows have continued to fall, at times to near -30 C.

We have had experience with winter kill in the past but have no idea as to how much cold the garlic cloves can tolerate. We do know that as long as there is a good snow cover it doesn't matter how cold the air temperature gets, winter kill is avoided.