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Fresh Garlic

Our fresh garlic is easy to peel and because the flavour is so full, our customers are telling us that only a fraction as much is required compared to store bought. To ensure its quality, store your garlic in a dry cool spot (not in a refrigerator). We recommend storing fresh garlic in a mesh bag or garlic keeper. Under these conditions it should last for three to five months.

Fresh garlic is available each year beginning around the third week in August.

garlic scape

Garlic Scapes

Scapes can be eaten raw in salads, put on baked potatoes or chopped and put into meats. They are delicious stir fried in olive oil and mixed with other vegetables. Two of our favourites are steamed scapes with a little bit of butter on top and pickled scapes to enjoy throughout the winter.

Garlic scapes are available from around the end of June to the middle of July.


garlic peeler

Garlic Peeler

We are currently selling our never been used garlic peeler! Our hardneck cloves are just too darn large to pass through. It would work slick with smaller cloved garlic.

This machine was shipped to us direct from China.

Asking price $3,500.00 OBO